Best Remote Jobs for College Students The Ultimate 2022 Guide

There’s a highly technical side to SEO that can take some time to learn, but there are easier aspects that you can quickly learn and offer as a service to companies. And, with a little effort, you could even learn technical SEO and be a well-rounded SEO specialist. If so, you might want to start a blog, a podcast, a vlog, or be active on one of the major social media networks. While companies care about image, they often care more about results. Therefore, well-fed freelance web designers are often the ones who understand what works in user experience and CRO .

It depends on how much time and effort you’re willing to put in. For some online jobs, you can set your own hours so the work can be done in your spare time, while others may require more commitment and a set schedule. As the world becomes more data-driven, businesses will only need more people to help organize and input all of that information. If you’re fast and accurate with a computer keyboard, a data entry clerk might be the online job for you!

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Gone are the old days when you could only buy art from a gallery. These days, you can purchase art all over the internet, no matter your budget or tastes. Then, you can start posting your beats on a platform such as Soundcloud in order to gain a following. However, there’s no limit to the number of beats you can sell, making this an exciting opportunity to build passive income. Otherwise, check out this course on the basics of video production.

easy remote jobs for college students

They learn how to create websites that drive visitors to download something or buy a product. Yes, you can actually make money taking surveys online as a college student. This is one of the easiest jobs because you can just best remote jobs for college students do it in your free time between classes or whenever you have the time. Often, virtual assistants will sell their services in hourly packages. So, perhaps you’ll have a 5-hour package, 15-hour package, and a 30-hour package.

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And while you won’t get rich taking surveys, they can provide a more productive way to spend random moments between classes. As an inexperienced editor, I was able to charge between $350 and $500 for editing a short book. If you buy through our links, we may earn an affiliate commission. Listen icons new The College Info Geek Podcast Learn how to be a more effective student, even while you’re doing your laundry. And make sure you’re always at the top of any latest development in your industry. Therefore, more brands, firms, and SaaS are on the lookout for people who will give their content a thorough editorial polishing. In case you don’t know, there is always a bullish and crazy demand for more content editors.

easy remote jobs for college students

Hiring managers no longer need your physical presence in their offices. Transcriptionists are required to listen to audio recordings, and write them down. The key here is to be extremely accurate, so you need to have great attention to details. You can help them ensure their resumes shine a light on their accomplishments and the value they have to provide companies, in a way that speaks to recruiters. When you first start out, it could easily take you 20 minutes or longer to get through a minute of audio. Keep in mind that you will need a strong internet connection, good headphones, and a computer to get this job done. However, this can add up if you find the time to take many surveys throughout the month.

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Once you have the equipment, I recommend posting your voiceover services on a freelance marketplace like Fiverr. Therefore, there’s a demand for people who can provide quality narration for instructional videos and other media.

easy remote jobs for college students

This is a great job for college students because it’s very flexible and you learn a lot of skills that will benefit you in any career path. Blogging is easily one of the top online jobs for students to earn money because of how easy it is to start doing. However, you must understand that blogging is a career that takes time to build up. Offline and online jobs for college students also include teaching foreign languages to others. Mandarin, Spanish, and Arabic are quite popular these days, but if you know any other language, too, you can start earning today. This post was all about best remote jobs for college students. The best method for students to reinforce their knowledge of a lesson or subject is to refresh their memory by passing the information on to another person.

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Even if you do find a client that wants to see your portfolio, you could show items you’ve created in school like presentations or even an elaborate Instagram graphic design you’ve created. You genuinely don’t need any experience to do this, especially because you probably use social media every day anyway. If you niche down into a particular industry early on, you’ll also be more likely to charge more as you gain more experience. You could also consider niching in an industry similar to your college major, which could get you higher pay at a quicker rate. Another option, instead of using freelance job searchers like those, is to check out different online publications in your niche. Compared to some other jobs on this list, it may be a few years before you even start to see any money rolling in from your website.

  • Especially on those rainy mornings when you have to pull yourself out of bed to make the commute to work, or maybe on a Sunday evening when the gloom of a Monday morning looms.
  • Companies like ACD Direct, NexRep, Omni Interactions, and U-Haul offer flexible hours, and they hire beginners.
  • Included in the course are 15 modules, real-life proofreading exercises, and more.
  • They have to be perfectly cultivated to encapsulate every beautiful, or not so beautiful, thing about the person who is given the name.

For this reason, data entry positions are one of the best well-paid online jobs for college students. It includes taking data from one format or source and transcribing it to another system. Becoming a graphic designer is a bit like becoming a writer in that you’ll likely have to do a bit of freelance work here and there before you’re able to land a full-time job with a company. And, like writing, it’s actually fairly easy to find simple freelance graphic design jobs online on platforms such as Upwork and Fiverr. Start out by working on small side projects to build your portfolio and focus on making quality connections with the clients you work with. Over time, you’ll be able to earn money for tuition or books while building a portfolio to show to an employer once you graduate. As a virtual assistant, you’ll organize calendars, set up meetings, handle travel plans, keep track of documents and so much more.